About Us

At Leverage Physical Therapy, our mission is to provide personalized care to address patient’s pain and dysfunction and to help them to reach their highest physical potential. Effective manual physical therapy techniques and personalized care plans are used to address underlying conditions and not just treat symptoms.

We take a holistic approach towards our patients' health. When appropriate, advanced physical therapy techniques are combined with Sound Therapy to achieve best results for our patients. Prajakta Joshi, PT, MA is board-certified Physical Therapist with over 12 years of experience and is also an expert Sound Therapist. She has wide experience in treating patients with various conditions. She specializes in Geriatric care and Chronic Pain Management.

Currently, we are licensed to offer Physical Therapy services in North Carolina only. Our Sound Therapy and Wellness services are available in all US States and also through tele-therapy appointments.

Prajakta Joshi, PT, MA (Praj) has extensive experience in helping patients with their physical therapy needs for various conditions and she specializes in Geriatric care and Chronic Pain Management. As a solo practitioner, Praj is able to provide personal attention to understand patient's biomechanical deficits to its very root. Through one-on-one care sessions and hands-on therapy techniques, Praj is able to address pain with effective manual therapy techniques assisted by electrical modalities. She develops individualized care plan that include exercises focused on correcting biomechanical, neuro-muscular and postural deficits. Education is provided to the patient regarding Home Exercise Programs and Ergonomic Modifications that they can make to their daily home and work environment to maintain functional mobility beyond therapy sessions at the clinics and to avoid recurrence of muscle imbalance.

Prajakta also has a diploma in Sound Therapy. She expertly combines sound therapy with physical therapy techniques to help patient get to optimal mental and physical state and achieve best results for the patient.

What differentiates Us?

Conditions Covered and Treatment Expertise: