Leverage Physical Therapy Video – Sciatica Series

Sciatica series 1: Mechanism behind disc protrusion and common symptoms

This is first in a series of educational videos about sciatica. In this video I have explained bio-mechanism behind sciatica pain due to disc protrusion, common symptoms, activities that cause pain and ways to to reduce pain. Also, do check out our video regarding precautions after back surgery where I have explained some techniques to protect back. Some of these techniques will also be useful to follow for patients with sciatica issues.

All videos in this Sciatica series are intended to be informative and educational. Please check with your Physical Therapist and your Physician  / Doctor for questions specific to your health and condition.

Sciatica series 2: Activity Modification 

In this video, I have shown modifications in some daily activities that will reduce pain and discomfort. 

Sciatica series 3: Diagnostic Tests 

In this video, we discuss two neural tension tests commonly used by physical therapists and doctors. 

Sciatica series 4: Treatment – McKenzie Protocol 

In this video, we discuss McKenzie Protocol – a set of exercises that are used for treatment of sciatica pain due to disc protrusion. 

Sciatica series 5: Lumbar Stabilization 

In this video, we are going to learn about lumbar stabilization and how to improve proprioception in this area to avoid recurrent sciatica symptoms.