Sound Healing


For thousands of years, humans have understood the significance of sound as a instrument of immense potential in healing and spiritual development. Sound has been used in rituals, ceremonies, meditations since ancient times. Sound with correct frequencies and vibrations was known for its healing potential and its ability to transform mind, body and spirit. 

Sound healing incorporates many instruments along voice and with personal involvement. Intention and harmonic resonance creates sounds that are truly therapeutic in nature. Therapeutically created dissonance with particular sounds releases unwanted energies bringing us back to harmony. 

Sound has the immense potential to help us reach a calm and peaceful state and there is a deeper sense of spirituality that can be experienced like meditative yogis. Therapeutic sound is a personal healing tool that one can use to balance and harmonize self, it can help to build an energetic body and cleanse the body of unwanted frequencies/energies. It allows old stagnant enregies to be cleared away and restores our natural resonance. 

Optimum health occurs when we are vibrating in harmony at our inherent resonant frequency. 

Four Key ways that sound healing works are,

  1. Sympathetic resonance– With therapeutic sound therapy, using particular sound instruments, pure vibrational sound waves go to areas of imbalance, remove dissonance and bring resonance to ultimately bring harmony and peace. 
  2. Brainwave entrainment- Entrainment happens when two or more rhythmic cycles become synchronized. Brainwave entrainment is the brain’s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation by pulsing of the sound wave. When the brain is given a stimulus by  the vibrational sensations from skin , ears and / or one of the other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response. 
  3. Frequency following response-Frequency Following Response (FFR) is used in sound healing to stimulate particular brainwave frequencies associated with positive well-being. By creating sounds associated with brainwaves that lead to peace and harmony, we can bring about positive change. 
  4. Balancing effect on brain and mind-The left-brain is linked to logical, scientific proof and emotional objectivity. The right-brain is linked with creativity, intuition and empathy. Using sound vibrations to help the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize can contribute to improved health. Brain balancing through sound is commonly referred to as ‘Hemi-Sync’ ® named by the Monroe Institute for the work of Dr. Robert Monroe, who pioneered the research into this theory. 

I use following intruments/tools for sound Therapy:

  1. Tuning forks
  2. Gongs
  3. Tibetian Singing Bowls
  4. Tingshas/Bells
  5. Drum
  6. Rain stick
  7. Ocean Drum
  8. Kalimba
  9. Shaker
  10. Chimes
  11. Voice/Mantras/ Sounds 

Sound and Sound therapists are facilitators. Healing happen from within. During the reflection and recommendation phase, the therapist will discuss findings and give recommendation for the client.

Most clients ask me if we will forever remain in this deep meditative state. My response is, life will bring stress and we may lose our center. As long as we know how deep meditative state, calmness, harmony and balance actually feels we can try to bring this equilibrium back in our life by taking steps. Awareness of what is possible is the experience a sound therapy session will provide.