At Leverage Therapy, we strive to provide care to patients where they are. The COVID-19 has brought new challenges and we are stepping up to those challenges by offering Tele-Physical Therapy.  Prajakta is now able to provide HIPAA-compliant Tele-Health services to facilitate assessment and treatment sessions. 

While tele-therapy sessions are available for both Physical Therapy and Sound Healing, they especially effective for Sound Healing. 

Live video session facilities patient evaluation and treatment including mobility and functional assessment and pain assessment. Tele-health session allows home-environment and work-environment assessment and also allows therapists to provide home exercise programs. Patient’s caregiver can also participate in these sessions. The home exercise program can be customized to use the tools and accessories that patient has at home.

Prajakta can also guide patient in performing self-manual-therapy techniques to improve bio-mechanics and to reduce pain. Through significant experience in pain management and different manual therapy techniques, Prajakta has gained the expertise to educate patients about self-therapy techniques that patients can perform at home by themselves or with help of their caregiver. Home exercise programs include online videos of exercises and correct techniques that patient can refer to after the tele-health session and can help improve outcome.

Tele-Therapy Sessions at a Flat Rate

During the tough economic times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tele-therapy sessions provide effective for patients to receive the care they need.

Tele-therapy is offered at a flat rate of $75 per session.