Sciatica series – 3: Diagnostic Tests 


This is third in the series of videos on Sciatica. Here, I explain two neural tension tests commonly used by physical therapists and doctors. This is an educational video and check with your physical therapist and/or Doctor for any specific questions and advice. 

Sciatica series – 2: Activity Modification


This is second in a series of educational videos about sciatica due to disc protrusion. In this video, I have shown modifications in some daily activities that will reduce pain and discomfort. Please follow your therapist and Doctor’s advice for any personal, specific questions.

Sciatica series 1: Mechanism behind disc protrusion and common symptoms

This is first in a series of educational videos about sciatica. In this video I have explained bio-mechanism behind sciatica pain due to disc protrusion, common symptoms, activities that cause pain and ways to to reduce pain. Check with your Physical Therapist and your Spine specialist for further questions.

Also, do refer to video regarding precautions after back surgery where I have explained techniques to protect the back. Some of those techniques will also be useful for patients with sciatica issues.

Postural Exercises for Upper Back, Shoulders and Spine

Here are few of our favorite postural exercises to help improve your posture and prevent issues that arise from poor body posture. The video also includes few manual therapy techniques that we use at our practice. Please check with your personal therapist for any personal or specific recommendation. 

Berg Balance Test

This is an educational video about Berg Balance Test and steps involved. Physical therapist use this test to identify balance deficits especially in geriatric population to compare patient’s progress before, during and after rehabilitation. 

Precautions After Back Surgery

This video talks about precautions you should take after back surgery. Please follow your surgeon and your therapist’s guidelines for any personal and specific advice. 

How to Treat Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprain is one of the more common injuries. This video discuss some of the exercises and general rehabilitation guidelines for ankle sprain. 

Improving Lung Function with Body Positioning Techniques

Different positioning of the body can help you get rid of lung congestion. During current Coronavirus pandemic, we wish people will benefit from this educational video. 

How to Avoid Falls in the Elderly

Falls can be troublesome especially for the elderly. The video provides home modification guidance from physical therapist perspective.